Richard Mellor

Richard has lived in Rindge since 1972 on 27 acres of woodland with a 6 acre pond. He has a BS in Business Management from Franklin Pierce University with a few Environmental Studies classes from Antioch NE, but more importantly, was actively engaged in the Franconia College Community during his formative years. This led his love of reading and the great outdoors to manifest as environmental activism.   Appointed to the Rindge Conservation Commission in 1978, he then served as Chair for 34 years while also serving on the Rindge Zoning Board for 12 years. Continuing now as a regular CC member and serving as Vice-Chair of the Rindge Energy Commission, he became a Board Supervisor of CCCD.


Subsequently, he became their representative to the New Hampshire Association of Conservation Districts and was later appointed by Governor and Council as NHACD’s delegate serving on the NH Wetlands Council. In his free time he enjoys Trail and Mountain running when not pecking away at finishing the building of his house or working on outdoor projects somewhere. “I kind of like bridges” he says, having helped build twelve of them in the physical realm and quite a few metaphorically.

Richard Mellor while running a marathon