Farm Equipment Rentals

The Conservation District currently has the following farm equipment to rent for better soil quality and improved management:

                  - No-till Seeder

                  - Wood Ash and Lime Spreader            

                  - Aerway Aerator

                  - Roller Crimper

                  - Subsoiler

                  - Penetrometer

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More details are below. Please contact us for availability - 603-756-2988 ext.116 or


No Till Seeder - $15/acre (after 10 acres the price drops to $7.50/acre for all additional acres)

 Width 7'7”.  The Haybuster 77 is equipped with three seed boxes specifically designed for different types of seed. Adjustments to accommodate your soil, seed and terrain can be easily made. The No-Till reduces the cost of labor & fuel while being the best choice for soil health. Available for Spring planting, pasture rejuvenation, mid-season interseeding and Fall cover-cropping or double cropping. Requires 40+HP Tractor with hydraulics.


Wood Ash / Lime Spreader - $100/use and $3/ton of material spread (not to exceed $200/day)

Meeting soil pH needs can be challenging. The availability of the Stoltzfus Woodash /Lime Spreader will give farmers more flexiibily. Stockpile Woodash or Lime in the off season and rent the spreader as needed. It allows versatility in meeting your soil nutrient needs. The Stoltzfus has a 5 ton capacity and is equipped with a PTO driven bed chain and rear spinners. Requires 65+ HP Tractor.

Aerway Aerator - $30/day

Let our Aerway help you battle your soil compaction issues! The 7.5 cultivation width is versatile and used to open up compacted areas in pasture or field. A great implement to help incorporate ma-nure into the soil before nitrogen is lost. It is equipped with a wheel kit for easy towing to fields within 25 miles. Requires a 45-75 HP tractor with hydraulics. Hitch is a straight drawbar pin.


Subsoiler  - $40/use

Versatile single shank sub-soiler allows for mobility in tight spots. A great implement to break up soil compaction due to site work prior to High Tunnel construction. This Sub-Soiler has a sixteen inch working depth to break up the hard layer preventing good root development and water absorption. 20-35 HP Tractor required.  Weight: 138 lbs.

Roller Crimper - $50/use

8' Model, Weight - 1,290lb The Cover Crop Roller was developed by The Rodale Institute in an effort to develop practical methods of cover crop management to increase production in Reduced Tillage Organic Farming. The Cover Crop Roller is manufactured and sold by I & J Manufacturing, LLC of Gap, PA. The Cover Crop Roller mounts to the front, or back, of the tractor with a Three Point Hitch (available here), leaving room for the seeder at the back. This means you can knock down weed suppressing mats of cover crops and plant through it all in the same pass!  The Roller Crimper weighs 1400#s empty and 2000#s filled with water. It will take 70 gallons to fill it. This is a great implement to knock down cover crop stands for later No-Till cropping. The knock down acts as an excellent organic mulch feeding the soil and decreasing the need for herbicides. The roller crimper fits a standard Category I or II three point hitch and can be towed with a 45 HP tractor. Our Roller Crimper is equipped with a wheel kit allowing it to be towed within 25 miles.

Penetrometer - Free to use

The Penetrometer is a great tool to use when determining whether you have a soil compaction problem. Easy to read - you will know in a matter of seconds if there is a problem and to what degree. Available for your use free of charge.

Looking for more equipment?  Check out the Small and Beginner Farmers of NH Equipment list

Have ideas on more equipment that the Conservation District should make available?  Give us a call at 603-756-2988 ext.116.