soil_0.pngHealthy soil is the foundation for healthy food. We promote connections in the local food system that strengthen farm businesses and improve soil health. The Cheshire County Conservation District (CCCD) provides equipment rentals, improved market access, and trainings.




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Get involved with the NH Soil Health Partnership!

Are you a farmer in New Hampshire interested in learning more about ways to improve the productivity of your soil? Are you a producer considering implementing no-till practices on your farm? The New Hampshire Soil Health Partnership can help you get started in a number of ways!


The NH Soil Health Partnership is now offering a cost share program to retrofit your existing corn planter to no-till!


Farmers will have the opportunity to turn their existing corn or large vegetable planter into a no-till planter & receive technical assistance on the retrofit installation & no-till planting process.


  • Grant funding will pay 75% of the retrofit cost.
  • Grant funded soil health assessments will be taken before/after the implementation.
  • Funding is limited and a ranking process may be implemented. 
  • Technical assistance for implementing the retrofit is included at no charge.
  • Farmer agrees to plant no-till on a portion of their farm for 4 years.
  • Farmer agrees to host or participate in a no-till workshop.
  • Farmer agrees to soil health assessments on a field where no-till planting is occurring.
  • Funding is limited and limits on # of rows per farm and $ per row may apply.  




For more information or to learn how to apply, please contact your local conservation district.

This opportunity is available statewide. For a full list of County Conservation District contact information, visit



For more information on ways you can participate with the NH Soil Health Partnership, such as Cover Crop Demonstrations, No-till Drill Rentals, Technical Assistance and more:


Check out the NH Soil Health Partnership Program Brochure