Monadnock Farm & Community Coalition

Monadnock Farm and Community Connection kicked off in 2007 through a series of community forums focused on strengthening the connection between the broader public and our vibrant agricultural community. MFCC was a wide range of volunteers and partner organizations' who have come together to address key issues like Education, Inventory, Policy and Infrastructure that help us grow a more resilient local food system. MFCC has celebrated local agriculture through events like Monadnock Matchmaker, Farm Appreciation Night and the Feast on this Film Festival, and was a driving force behind the inception of the Monadnock Food Co op, and Monadnock Menus . 
MFCC has evolved from a program of the Conservation District  into The Monadnock Farm and Community Coalition a region-wide coalition that engages stakeholders to work to on the goals in the Food System Strategic Plan for the Monadnock Region. For more info on the Coalition please visit  
The Conservation District is a proud member of the coalition and facilitated meetings with over 40+ representatives of local organizations and individuals have crafted the following Vision, Misison and Strategic Plan of the Coalition. 
PLEASE give us your feedback, and tell us what you or your organization is already doing in SW NH to meet the region's objectives.
MFCC is now reaching out to individuals and organizations active within our local food system to join as members committed to coordination with other members in order to reach our region's mission and vision through the strategic plan. 

Vision Our vision is a vibrant, safe and efficient local food system that enhances the health of our community, is profitable for farmers and producers, is accessible to all community members, conserves natural resources, and is sustained by strong leadership and commitment in the Monadnock Region. 
Mission  The MFCC is a regional coalition whose mission is to support a sustainable food system by cultivating community action and building collaborations to implement effective programs, projects and policies.

Monadnock Farm and Community Coalition (MFCC) 3-Year Strategic Plan

Goal 1

Ensure the sustainability of MFCC as a coalition with the resources and direction to fulfill its mission and vision by September of 2015.

Raise funds through grants, partnership and available funding streams to support the MFCC

Recruit an adequate diversity of stakeholders including volunteers

Encourage and sustain open dialogue with farmers

Implement efficient systems that share information and resources equitably among all stakeholders of the food system to more effectively coordinate solutions.

Promote accountability and share best practices

Goal 2

Increase the amount of food produced in the region that could be consumed here by September of 2015.

Expand variety and availability of foods produced as close to home as possible.

Increase production on existing farms through best management practices.

Provide better access to farm inputs, such as seeds, equipment, compost and technologies to increase productivity

Improve farmer access to loans, grants and other funding sources.

Assist farmers in meeting labor needs, including emergency situations

Promote increase of food production at home and community gardens

Goal 3

Expand on and create new post-production infrastructure and markets to enhance or grow the local food economy by September of 2015.

Establish possible distribution centers and increase available storage units and processing facilities

Increase the volume of locally produced food sales by improving farmers’ links to markets

Expand local food access to include low in come community members

Goal 4

Advocate for policy in support of our mission and vision.

Promote development of Agriculture Commissions within Cheshire County towns

Strengthen and better coordinate advocacy work nationally, state-wide and locally

Goal 5

Enhance synergy around education, awareness and access of healthy eating and the importance of locally produced food by September of 2015.

Share current inventory information with the public

Encourage support of local food system

Educate consumer on the benefits of locally produced food, especially youth and low income populations

Promote home or community food production and preparation

Goal 6

Increase and sustain active, diverse, local farms to ensure quality stewardship of natural/agricultural resources by September 2015.

Conserve farmland and forests

Encourage new agriculture entrepreneurs

Increase awareness, understanding and adoption of best management practices that steward natural resources.