Lola Bobrowski

Lola Bobrowski is the Outreach Coordinator for the Cheshire County Conservation District. Lola’s early interests in natural resource conservation and community organizing placed her in various leadership roles throughout her undergraduate career and professional work thereafter. Upon receiving a B.S. in Environmental Studies in 2010, Lola served a one-year term of service in the NJ AmeriCorps Watershed Ambassador program, where she organized community events, conducted stream assessments, and taught K-12 water conservation lessons in local schools. Lola’s passion for resource protection and advocacy led her to pursue her Master’s degree in 2012. Here, her capacity for organizing blossomed and her interests have grown to include food access and public policy. Lola was selected as the 2014 Congressional Progressive Caucus Fellow and worked on social and environmental initiatives for three months in Washington D.C. The combination of Lola’s interests and experiences informed her Master’s project, a literature review in conjunction with NH Audubon entitled, Are Neonicotinoids Causing Ecological Harm to Pollinators, Birds, and Mammals? A Review of the Literature. Lola graduated from Antioch University of New England in 2015 with a M.S. in Environmental Studies and a focus on environmental justice and community organizing.


Outreach Coordinator
CCCD Outreach Coordinator, Lola Bobrowski

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